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ebay is to online shopping what LA’s Fred Segal is to brick-and-mortar retail. Think small venues each owned and run by individuals with a distinct point of view. The collective result: eBay a merchandise mix that is both broad and specific that lets you often find often one-of-a-kind items that reflect the shop owner’s passion, taste and style. Constance White, ebay’s style director, has been instrumental in crafting ebay’s significant role as a top fashion site on the web.

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A Conversation with eBay’s Style Director Constance White

Our conversation with eBay’s knowledgeable and au courant Style Director, Constance White was a highlight of this past NY FASHION WEEK’s activities.

We met up with this guru of all things sold with flair-on an afternoon where we looked forward to, CRAVED REALLY- an engaging conversation without any ear splitting music rockin’ the background. Ensconced in the spacious bright penthouse of the recently refurbished Royalton Hotel, we found White chatting with pals R.Scott French and Meredith Garcia (The Fashion List) and PR maven Linda Gaunt.

Revived with a quick jolt of java, we joined the conversation to find out White’s take on Spring fashion picks and eBay’s Green initiative.

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